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Aerospace Industry
BGWI professionally manufactures composite parts for aerospace. We utilize various manufacturing techniques to produce composite products and materials for use in high temperature, low friction, and structural applications. We have extensive experience in [more]

Non-ferrous Metal Industry

BGWI has extensive experience in offering a wide range of carbon and graphite products for non-ferrous applications. We design and manufacture graphite components that give exceptional performance with minimal wear even in extreme working [more]

Metallurgical Industry

Graphite products are widely used for metallurgical industry due to their low surface wetting by molten metals, high thermal and chemical resistance and good lubricating properties. BGWI provides high quality graphite components with enough competitive [more]


Heat Treating and Furnace Industry
BGWI has worked closely with iron and steel companies, furnace manufacturers and furnace end users, providing the world's only compounding lining methodology with higher efficiency, lower process consumption, and longer furnace service life [more]


Chemical Industry
Corrosion in the chemical processing industry whittles away a monstrous sum every year. Our revolutionary solutions can help chemical producers with products based on carbon to solve material problems in the most highly corrosive environments. BGWI [more]

Ceramics and Glass and Quartz Industry
Applications in the ceramics industry demand products with superior electrical conductivity, mechanical strength and excellent performance at high operating temperatures. We offer following high quality graphite parts for ceramics industry [more]


Mechanical Industry
Mechanical carbon and graphite is used in applications where its chemical inertness, self-lubrication, high strength to weight ratio, and thermal stability provide advantages over other materials. These characteristics can be enhanced with [more]

Semiconductor and Electronic Industry
BGWI devotes continuously to the front-end graphite products research, development and manufacture. Our graphite components are widely applied in the semiconductor and electronic industry worldwide to meet the different stage production [more]


EDM Industry
Graphite electrodes that BGWI supplies are excel in difficult and precision applications while providing predictable results. Our EDM products have the characters of a good balance of metal removal rates, low electrode wear, and fine surface [more]

Daily Life Application
Carbon products made by raw wood carbon for daily life have a strong ultra -inrared healthcare effective on human body. It is a revolution of the natural science that carbon products are applied in daily life. BGWI is devoting himself to furthering the [more]


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