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Flexible Graphite

Graphite Foil/Sheet
This unique material is based on natural graphite flakes with well crystalline structures, which is through chemical treatment, expanding under high temperature and then rolling. Properties are highly anisotropic, particularly in respect to electrical [more]


Graphite Gasket
The Gasket is punched or cut from pure expanded graphite sheet and AISI304, AISI316 reinforced expanded graphite sheets that have excellent corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good compression resilient and high intensity [more]

Carbon and Graphite Felt
Flexible Carbon and Graphite Felt is an insulating material manufactured by carbonization of natural and synthetic fibers with unique textile, chemical and thermal properties. Rigid graphite felt is a shape-retentive insulating material made from [more]

Graphite Tape
Graphite Tapes are professionally produced in our plant using the latest CNC controlled slitting equipment, which gives consistently accurate tape widths from 3mm or above and minimum material wastage. They are for making various graphite sealing [more]


Graphite Yarn
Expanded Graphite Yarns are made of twists of low sulphur expanded combined with reinforcing materials, and are suitable for weaving of expanded graphite braided packings. There are a wide variety of reinforcing materials used in the yarn twisting [more]


Graphite Braided Packing
Flexible Graphite Braided Packing is formed by braiding and shaping graphite yarn. Its resilient, compressible, thermally conductive and self-lubricating properties make it ideal for use in pumps and valves in petrochemical refining, power generation [more]


Expandable Graphite Powders
Expandable Graphite Powders are made from natural flake graphite treated by chemical or electro-chemical processes. They can expand 150-250 times in volume at high temperature with large surface area, high surface energy, good flexibility, resilience [more]

Graphite Packing Ring
Die-formed Graphite Packing Ring is formed by molding flexible graphite tape or flexible graphite braided packing, and metal materials can also be put in together. It is mainly used for sealing or valves, pumps and expansion joints, which are used in oil [more]

Natural High-purity and Super-fine Graphite Powders
BGWI manufactures and offers Natural High-Purity and Super-fine Graphite powders. They are good materials used as raw materials for batteries, high purity products in semiconductors and spectrum electrodes, high quality refactory materials [more]

Natural Graphite Powders for Batteries
BGWI offers Natural Graphite Powders for Batteries including: Graphite Powders for Anode of Li-ion Batteries, Graphite Powders for Anode of Alkali Batteries and Graphite Powders for Bipolar Plate of Fuel Cells. The quality of these products is hgih enough, and the price is [more]


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