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---Non-ferrous Metal Industry

BGWI has extensive experience in offering a wide range of carbon and graphite products for non-ferrous applications. We design and manufacture graphite components that give exceptional performance with minimal wear even in extreme working conditions and are optimal products for non-ferrous metal industry. The typical components are offered by us as follows:

, Disperser Heads
, Filter Box Tubes
, Porous Graphite
, Diffusion Heads
, Runout Plates
, Runout Table Boards
, Canisters and Aluminum Extrusion Boards
, Fluxing (Degassing) Tubes and Degassing Lances of all shapes
, Rotors, Impellers and Other Parts for liquid metal transfer and degassing

Please contact our engineers in case you should have any technical questions. We would be welcome the opportunity to assist you in tailoring solutions for your specific applications.


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