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Popular Parts

Fluxing (Degassing) Tube
BGWI designs and manufactures simple and convenient tools to meet the requirements of refiners and foundrymen for inert gases or active gases
de-gassing. Fluxing the molten metal with nitrogen is a simple and inexpensive way to ensure


Graphite Pipe
BGWI professionally manufactures and supplies Graphite Pipes in a range of sizes. In addition, we can manufacture and select graphite materials as per your requirements or working conditions. Different graphite materials are available for [more]


Graphite Plate and Board
BGWI professionally manufactures and supplies a wide range of Graphite Plates to meet different fields of applications: one kind is directly for your application, and the other kind is as semi-manufactured goods for your further manufacturing. Plates [more]

Gouging Carbon Electrode
Gouging Carbon Electrodes, also called Gouging Rods, are available for many types and sizes for different applications. They are widely used in Remove, Cut, and Figurate the defect of solder, Slot UCgroove for weld joints. Especially, our Hollow [more]

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