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Parts/Services---Heat Treating and Furnace Industry

BGWI has worked closely with iron and steel companies, furnace manufacturers
and furnace end users, providing the world's only compounding lining methodology with higher efficiency, lower process consumption, and longer furnace service life and many furnace replacement parts being stable at high temperatures and self-lubricating. We offer the following products that are utilized based on furnace's workload and condition to lower the overall
construction cost:

, Furnace Linings
, Ladle Linings
, Furnace Furniture and Heating Elements
, Vacuum Furnace Elements
, Vacuum Furnace Insulation
, Arc Furnace Electrodes and Pins
, Curved Heating Elements
, Crucibles and Susceptors
, Heating Tubes, Rods and Holders
, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Studs
, Power Lead-ins and Feed Troughs
, Sintering Molds, Boats, Trays and Fixtures
, Insulation Packs
, Lids, Plugs, Washers and Rollers
, Hearth Beams and Supports
, Jumper Bars and Bus Bars
, Vertical and Horizontal Connectors

We are looking forward to assisting and consulting you in the selection of the most suitable material solution for your specific furnace application and furnace design.



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