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Parts/Services---Ceramics and Glass and Quartz Industry

Applications in the ceramics industry demand products with superior electrical conductivity, mechanical strength and excellent performance at high operating temperatures. We offer following high quality graphite parts for ceramics industries meeting the requirements:

, Molds, Dies and Rams for Hot Pressing
, Components used in Industrial Diamond Synthesis
, Composite Heat Management Systems

BGWI has extensive experience in designing and machining graphite parts used in the glass handling and glass working and quartz fabricating. Graphite parts manufactured for glass and quartz industry are showed as follows:

, Fixtures
, Bars
, Reamers
, Bushings
, Rollers
, Chuck
, Flanges
, Jigs
, Tooling

, Mandrels
, Molds
, Tray Molds
, Clamps
, Molding Wheels
, Plates
, Jaws
, Paddles

If you have a need for machined graphite parts for your project of quartz and glass or ceramics industry, please contact us and let us show you a low cost, effective solution for your project.


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