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Flexible Graphite ---Graphite Packing Ring

Flat end surface

Split sharp-angled end surface

Die-formed graphite packing ring is formed by molding flexible graphite tape or flexible graphite braided packing, and metal materials can also be put in together. It is mainly used for sealing or valves, pumps and expansion joints, which are used in oil industry, chemical industry, thermoelectric station, nuclear power station and other general industries. The property solves the problem of corrosion to the valve stem completely.

Typical Types

, Supplied in a density range of 1.3 to 1.8. Available in 99.3% purity, corrosion inhibited
  and oxidation resistant grades
, Supplied endless, split or as matched halves
, Square or rectangular section rings supplied as standard
, Non-standard shapes can be produced to suit specific requirements
, Metal tipped rings available for high pressure anti extrusion applications
, Graphite packing sleeves with or without stainless steel eyelets are available

Typical Applications
, Packing for dynamic sealing of compressors and pumps
, Packing for valves
, Packing for the gland boxes of chemical instruments
, Available in almost every style of our Braided Packing
, For composite sealing to take the place of mechanical sealing

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