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Flexible Graphite ---Carbon and Graphite Felt

Flexible carbon and graphite felt is an insulating material manufactured by carbonization of natural and synthetic fibers with unique textile, chemical and thermal properties. Rigid graphite felt is a shape-retentive insulating material made from graphite fibers or felt and a carbon binder.

Typical Properties
, Low thermal conductivity
, Low heat capacity
, High thermal stability
, Shape retentivity
, Low adsorption of gases or vapors
, Erosion resistance

Typical Types
, Felt PAN-based
 Typical Physical Properties
 ! Density: 0.06 to 0.14
 ! Felt Thickness: 2-20mm
 ! Felt Width: 1,000 to 2,000mm
 ! Fiber Length: 30 to 65mm
, Felt
 Typical Properties
 ! Bulk density: 0.08-0.17
 ! Tensile strength: 0.10-0.30MPa
 ! Ash contents: 95%(min.)
 ! Thermal Conductivity: 0.07-0.16(W/M)
 ! Specific heat: 1.52-1.73(KJ/KG)
 ! Specific Resistance: 8.2x-11.1x(Ω., transverse)
 ! Ash content <1.5%
 ! Standard Specification
  a). Width: 1,000-1,200(mm); b). Thickness: 3-30(mm); c). Length: 3,000-20,000(mm)
 ! Operation Temperature: 1800-2500(vacuum or inert gas filled)
, Compound Felt
 Typical Physical Properties
 ! Block: 1,200x1,500x1,500mm, 1,200x1,200x1,500mm
 ! Rounds: outer Diameter 1,250mm
 ! Density: 0.30
 ! Ash content: 95%
 ! Operation Temperature: 1,200-2,700
, Integral Felt
 ! Standard Specifications:
   1). 400x400x220mm
   2). 500x500x200mm
   3). Also, we can produce the dimensions as per your requirements
 ! Typical Physical properties:
   1). Density: 0.2-0.6
   2). Tensile strength:
    a). X-Y direction: 0.2MPa(min.)
    b). Z direction: 0.015MPa
   3). Carbon contents: 95%(min.)
, Felt graphitized
 Typical Properties
 Graphitizing Temperature: 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400, and 2600
 Carbon contents: 95%-99%(min.)
 Bulk density: 0.08-0.14
 Thermal Conductivity: 0.08w/m.k
 Thickness: 6-10mm
 Length: 3,000mm
 Also, we can produce as per your requirements

Typical Applications
, Furnace C resistance or induction heated vacuum furnaces and inert gas furnaces, such as
  degassing furnaces, brazing furnaces, soft and bright annealing furnaces, sintering furnaces for
  hard metals, carburizing furnaces, laboratory graphitizing furnaces; inductively heated melting and
  heat treatment furnaces, in which a proportion of the ceramic insulting material is replaced by felt
  in order to increase the electrical efficiency and prevent the liquid metal from coming into contact
  with the induction coil in the event of crucible fracture (no wetting)
, Nuclear reactor technology (small cross-sectional area for neutron absorption)
, Thermal insulation, as filters, and as catalyst support
, Porous electrodes
, Turbine blade manufacturing

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