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Popular Parts
------Graphite Plate and Board

BGWI professionally manufactures and supplies a wide range of Graphite Plates to meet different fields of applications: one kind is directly for your application, and the other kind is as semi-manufactured goods for your further manufacturing. Plates are given a fine saw cut and gotten smooth ground finish. Any configuration can be readily provided. In addition, we can mill additional grooves, angles, radiuses and chamfers to accommodate your application¨s requirements.

Typical Applications
Graphite Plates are commonly used by mining companies, foundries, copper
plants, prime aluminum plants, cement mills, and aluminum extruders as Covers, Wear Blocks, Backup Plates, Launders, Run-out Plates, and Flight Bars etc.

Graphite Material Selected
Different graphite materials are available for Graphite Plates for different applications. Recovery, Extruded, Vibrated, Molded, Isostatically Molded Graphite Plates are available.

Please contact us for more information, and we would be welcome the opportunity in supporting you with these projects.


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