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------Graphite Pipe

BGWI professionally manufactures and supplies graphite pipes in a range of sizes. In addition, we can manufacture and select graphite materials as per your requirements or working conditions. Different graphite materials are available for graphite pipes for different applications. Extruded, Vibrated, Recovery, Impregnated graphite tubes are available. Our graphite pipes are applied for a wide number of applications as follows:

, Chemical manufacturing:
    ! Heat Exchanger Pipes
, Heat Treating Furnaces
    ! Heating Elements
    ! CVD Furnaces
, Ceramic industries
    ! Vent Tubes
    ! Sight Tubes
    ! Heating Elements
, Moreover, our graphite tubes for atomic absorption spectrophotometers are coated with pyrolytic     graphite and the sensation and stability are high enough. The common dimensions include: OD6mm;     OD8mm; OD10mm.

Please contact us for more information, and we would be welcome the opportunity in supporting you with these projects.


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