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------Gouging Carbon Electrode

Gouging carbon electrodes, also called Gouging Rods, are available for many types and sizes for different applications. They are widely used in Remove, Cut, and Figurate the defect of solder, Slot UCgroove for weld joints. Especially, our Hollow Gouging Carbon electrodes have many advantages, such as higher productivity, 50% faster than solid gouging carbon rod, doesn¨t stick or sputter, reduced smoke, creates smooth accelerated gouging, etc.

Typical Types
, Pointed copper coated gouging carbon electrodes
, Jointed copper coated gouging carbon electrodes
, Flat gouging carbon electrodes
, Hollowed copper coated gouging carbon electrodes
, Half round copper coated gouging carbon electrodes
, Other types gouging carbon electrodes

, Diameter from 3mm to 25mm;
, Length from 305mm to 510mm;
, To provide you with efficient applications, we can recommend proper type and size of the
    gouging carbon electrodes for you as per your current range conditions.

Formula for Rod Size Selection
Width of Groove (mm) = Rod Dia. (mm) X 1.40
Depth of Groove (mm) = Rod Dia. (mm) X 0.70
Arc Current (Ampere) = Rod Dia. (mm) X (40-50)

Please contact us for more information, and we would be welcome the opportunity in supporting you with these projects.


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