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BGWI Advantage

BGWI Advantage is intended to benefit continuously customers by providing carbon and graphite with Enough Competitive Quality, Enough Competitive Price and Enough Competitive Service to strengthen the worldwide competitiveness of the company.

BGWI advantage focuses on the combination of People Advantage, Technologies and Technical Communication Advantage and Commercial Advantage as follows:

People Advantage
People Advantage is the key precondition for success in other Advantages. We have a team of people highly dedicated with extensive carbon and graphite experience to serve you. The directorate and the Management of our Business Units are fully committed to providing the resources and support for necessary skill development to encourage a culture of change and improvement. In return, it is the responsibility of every staff to play an active role in our BGWI advantage process.

Technologies and Technical Communication Advantage
We have the Chinese largest carbon research team for Advanced Carbon Materials contributing to carbon science with Extensive Technologies and Advanced Research and Inspection Equipments. In the meantime, we all in BGWI completely understand that Technical Communication plays a very important role in modern business, and the prompt response is very important. Any enquiry from you will be much appreciated and replied within 48 hours. Moreover, any urgent E-mail or Fax will get our answer within 24 hours. The extraordinary urgent situation will get our response even within 4 hours.

Commercial Advantage
Commercial Advantage is geared toward administration and marketing with continuous improvements in customer service, logistics, pricing, supply chain management etc. Our goal is to create the most profit space for customers worldwide by providing the lowest cost carbon and graphite with the same high quality.

BGWI¨s Warranty
Best C quality products over China with same price
Excellent C service products over China with same quality

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